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We provide an easy and effective way to receive education and Methadone treatment services for drug use problems. Stop by our locations and get a walk-in assessment or a free consultation. Drug assessments for youth under age 21 are provided at no charge.

Methadone Treatment Clinics in Mesa, AZ

The Arizona Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that methadone is an opioid (synthetic opium like substance) that has been used for nearly 40 years in Mesa to treat opiate and opioid addiction.

It works by blocking the opiate receptors in the brain, thereby reducing cravings and eliminating withdrawal symptoms.

This allows patients to participate in counseling and therapy, so that they can enact the positive lifestyle changes necessary for their long-term mental and physical well-being and sustained sobriety and drug abstinence.

At our Mesa Arizona Methadone location, we combine methadone maintenance therapy; individual, group, and family counseling; relapse prevention; and support groups to provide the most effective form of opiate addiction treatment possible.

Our Mesa, AZ Methadone Clinic location is open 5:30 AM - 4:00 PM on Monday - Friday, and 6:00 AM - 9:30 AM Saturday and Sunday.

A recently completed 33-year follow-up of Arizona heroin addicts recruited from the Arizona prison system in the 1960's revealed that, of the 600 original participants, half are now dead.

Opiate addiction is a serious problem. Visiting your location Methadone treatment center can allow you to start getting your life on the right track.

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Why Choose a Methadone Clinic in Mesa?

Mesa Methadone clinics are another type of drug treatment program available for Mesa residents. There are public and private methadone clinics in Mesa for the treatment of substance abuse. While private clinics are not totally free, public methadone clinics are federal government funded, have a waiting list and are typically paid for by the taxpayers. People typically detoxing from opiates or alcohol will utilize methadone to keep them stable throughout the detox process and many believe it will ultimately stop their substance abuse entirely, but by and large this is not the case.

Considering that the inception of methadone clinics in the 1970s, methadone treatment programs and clinics are a multi-billion dollar industry. As soon as funding passed from the federal government to the state, the number of methadone clinics in Mesa, AZ and nearby areas expanded quickly. The programs carried out were not well researched, were not effective and there are no restrictions to guarantee success. The basic idea behind the clinics is that they replace methadone (a managed compound) for the drug being used.

Our Mesa Methadone clinic services the public every day. Stop by and we'll help you get clean.

Call: (888) 217-1376
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Local Mesa, AZ Methadone Clinic

We are your preferred local Methadone treatment clinic. Visit our location in Mesa near zip code 85142 today for treatment options. There is also a methadone clinic in Mescal, Arizona if you live closer to that area.

Starting Methadone Treatment

Mesa, Arizona is home to a number of methadone clinics and drug treatment programs which provide methadone, suboxone, or both. Typically, local methadone-approved physicians provide Methadone to opioid-addicted patients dealing with crippling opioid withdrawal. Methadone has increased in popularity due in part to its effectiveness in reducing opiate withdrawal symptoms and the practicality it offers. Methadone continues to be the primary medication-assisted intervention for moderate to severe opioid dependency.

Methadone is a REPLACEMENT THERAPY for the treatment of the physical and psychological dependence (aka "addiction") to opiate class drugs. It is recommended that methadone be paired with case management or counseling services.

Occasionally a patient reports that it was harder to get off Suboxone then methadone.

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Methadone Treatment in Mesa Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that Mesa Arizona Methadone treatment should be delivered in a way that respects the dignity, value and self-worth of every patient. We believe that treatment and recovery are very personal experiences with distinct physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components that may differ significantly from patient to patient and that drug abuse impacts all aspects of an individual's life.

Treatment will not only deal with drug abuse, but also with family relationships, recreation and employment in addition to other facets of everyday life. We believe that each patient has a right to be fully and completely informed about the services we provide and our approach to treatment.

What is methadone treatment, and how does it work?

Methadone treatment is a medically supervised program designed to assist individuals in overcoming opioid addiction. Methadone, a long-acting opioid agonist, is administered to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It works by binding to the same receptors in the brain as other opioids, mitigating withdrawal effects and helping individuals stabilize their condition.

How long does methadone treatment last?

The duration of methadone treatment varies based on individual needs. While some individuals may require a short-term program, others benefit from a more extended maintenance phase. The decision on treatment duration is made collaboratively between the individual and healthcare professionals to ensure the most effective and supportive plan.

Is methadone addictive, and does it replace one addiction with another?

Methadone is an opioid, but when used as prescribed in a supervised treatment setting, the risk of addiction is minimized. It is carefully administered to manage addiction while allowing individuals to stabilize their lives. The goal is not to replace one addiction with another but to provide a medically managed pathway to recovery.

What are the benefits of methadone treatment?

Methadone treatment offers several benefits, including the reduction of opioid cravings and withdrawal symptoms, allowing you to regain stability in your life. It supports the process of recovery by providing a controlled and supervised environment, minimizing the risk of relapse, and enabling individuals to focus on rebuilding their health and well-being.

Are there potential side effects of methadone treatment?

While methadone is generally safe when administered under medical supervision, there can be side effects. These may include constipation, drowsiness, and nausea. Healthcare professionals carefully monitor individuals in treatment, adjusting dosage and providing support to manage any side effects effectively.

Can I continue working or attending school while on methadone treatment?

Methadone treatment is designed to support you in maintaining your daily activities, including work and school. With stabilization and adherence to the treatment plan, many people successfully resume their normal responsibilities. Open communication with treatment providers helps tailor the program to accommodate individual needs and goals.

Does Medicaid Cover Methadone Treatment in Mesa, AZ?

Coverage for methadone services in Arizona Medicaid plans may offer access to the most effective therapy for heroin dependence. Arizona Medicaid plans were reviewed to assess coverage for methadone services, methadone benefits in managed care, and limitations on methadone treatment. Medicaid does not cover methadone maintenance medication in 25 states (59 percent). Only 12 states (24 percent) include methadone services in Medicaid managed care plans.

Only 25% of drug-dependent adults have success remaining abstinent without some form of medication-assisted treatment” (MAT). Adults addicted to opioids, like hydrocodone (Vicodin), oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet), morphine (Avinza), and heroin, have long relied on medically-prescribed substances, most commonly Methadone, to reduce withdrawal symptoms and opioid cravings. Although methadone has a history of respectable success in treating opioid addiction, it presents its own risk of abuse.

Buprenorphine , or Suboxone, is a relatively new treatment method for opioid and opiate addiction that eliminates many of the risks associated with Methadone.